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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
if we pull down the master fader, to have no clipping on the DA-Converters..
we reduce also the RMS-Power of the track, or?
Well, that's why everybody uses maximizers and compression, to bring the RMS back up without clipping.

If you play a CD that was actually mastered in the '80s, its volume will sound much softer than most of today's music. This is because they did not use much compression: they simply ran their masters into the digital recorders as is, fixing the album's highest peak at 0db and letting everything else be however lower than that it naturally was.

Then, over time, in order to make albums sound louder, more and more compression was used to bring the RMS level up, until now everybody expects that level of loudness from everything (instead of, you know, turning the volume up on the players).
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