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Originally Posted by parachutes View Post
I have a lot of clips in reason in my mixes. im still new to the whole mixing process, so im figuring it out. my question is that when i send my mixes to get mastered, do the clips create a problem? would the engineers send them back and be like 'we cant master with clips'?
Some Mastering Engineers actually do Clip audio though (to compete in the loudness war). A lot of it probably depend on the style of music you you though. And actually one VST I have (Elephant) actually have a clip mode. It is used with a combination of high oversampling to produce a smoother clip though but still it is very aggressive. I find in some cases though it can produce the best results for some of my music.

At the mixing stage though I wouldn't try to clip anything on the master fader level. (Unless you specifically want it for some reason).

It you do clip it, just like others said reduce the master fader by a few db or so usually fixes the issue.

I always check my exports after I bounce as well for clips that I might have missed. I find that it is usually better to use dedicated maximizers such as Ozone or Elephant to get your loudness maximized.

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