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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
i know what selig would like to learn me..
but i'm still thinking there is a bug.. btw this is not good wirh the fader
the compressor does only manage the error we create with the pull down fader..
This isn't a "bug", it's the way any digital recording is going to work. It is a limitation of the medium.

Digital is not like tape. With tape, you can push levels high and get a natural kind of saturation in the signal. With digital, once you cross 0db, your peaks are cut off harsh and flat like a razor. The only difference in DAWs is how much artificial room they programmed into the virtual mixer for safety, or whether there's already some kind of software limiting feature in place.

If anything is a "bug", it's the need of producers to make everything louder louder louder at the expense of dynamic range. But that's something that will only change if producers and customers change their minds and buying habits.
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