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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
so .. Signal F and C are the problems we get the clipping in our Master Bus..
We pull down the Master-Fader and use a compressor or limiter to raise the RMS back..
good what?
why we do not manage the Signals F & C individually ?? to prevent the clipping?
No we are lazy and pull down the Master fader and compress all the signals A-F ..
but Signal A/B/D/E does not require the compressor..
You could do it either way. Suppose you liked the way that the entire mix sounds, just the way it is - except it clips. What to do? If you adjust only F & C, you might change how they fit inside the mix. If you wish to preserve the overall mix, you then must lower the master level to avoid clipping. If you then want to restore some loudness, you will need to add limiting and/or compression. Yes, this might color the sound. But it is up to you which you prefer. Some may want to go one way, some the other.
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