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1. Change outputs to your tracks to BUS 1/2
2. ADD new Master Fader and Make outputs BUS 1/2
3. ADD new Audio Track and Make Inputs BUS 1/2
4. Select an Insert Limiter ( i use L3 Ultramaximizer ) in the Master Fader
5. On your limiter Adjust output to not exceed -3dB and ARC
6. Then i RECORD onto the New Audio Track, I pan and adjust levels so that none of the sounds are at the same level or L/R to give it a full sound. I listen to it low, then loud on my monitors then i try the head phones. Sound Good?
7. Then i re record AGAIN on the same track as earlier but as a Real Mixdown (no more adjustments).
8. Then I ADD 1 more New Audio Track and Change the inputs to receive BUS 3/4 and name it MASTER TRACK
9. Then i change the Previous Mixdown Track outputs to BUS 3/4 and then change the Master Fader outputs to BUS 3/4
10. Now zero out the Limiter output to ZERO and then Start RECORDING and adjust the Threshold to where to get the volume as loud as you can on your new Master Track but not to the point where it distorts. Make Treshold and Volume adjustments as needed to ensure the new Master Track does not Peak (in the red) or atleast barely.