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Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
Ive been thinking it might be time I started thinking about a new audio interface to replace my trusty but ageing M-Audio Delta 44. I'd be looking for something similar but a bit more up to date with the highest audio quality possible. So, top quality with at least 4x4 audio i/o ..... That's about it! MIDI i/o might be a bonus so I could replace my equally ageing M-Audio 2x2 MIDIman interface.

I'm usually pretty up on this stuff but I've not been paying much attention lately and now I realise it's a bit of a mind field out there! the Delta is a PCI board with breakout box. I kind of like that idea and previously I was a bit worried about going for a USB / FireWire interface. Should this be a worry these days? Finally budget .... Erm, not sure. Let's say up to £500 as a ball park figure. Anything within that range would be cool though
Delta 44 ............ :P

Stick with PCI if you are using a tower system its allot better.
Bong on!!