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Originally Posted by RasCricket View Post
Ummm, a real quick way to buy Reason?

Ebay. Student editions too.

One potential problem, however = No one on Ebay checks if youre a student OR an institution, which is bullshit.

I bought Reason 6 - Scratch that = MY GF bought Reason 6 because she's a teacher in a state run school. Legally, we fit all the descriptives to get an EDU version.

Some of you know I havent updated yet. I fear potential problems since I have an EDU version that was never...I dont know, approved or whatever. The guy never asked. It was basically just a cheaper version of Reason.

My point = If it needs some kind of approval from Props so that customer can get an update to the program later down the road with no problems, I would hope that Props are on top of the people they sell or give those EDU versions to for sale.

Cuz I do want to upgrade/update soon. But theres certain clauses with the EDU versions and I've......been staving off any potential dissapointment.

Look on Ebay, but do read all about update clauses and EDU versions. Im not 100% clear on them either.
Ironically the software company emailed me yesterday saying mine will be delivered via UPS today !

Great news.

I am actually a media technician in the school ( aswell as a producer / DJ ) so i use this software in house, to make audio clips etc for various things around the school.

I think the EDU is very different from a Stu / Tea edition.

Im the only one that will be using this inside the school ( ) so bought this one as a single license, rather than 5 edu's that we dont need.

Thanks for all the help though guys..... cant wait to claim my free drum sample pack....