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Originally Posted by gigidesign View Post
Hello turnuptheac and joshuajohn89,

please send to me at
your Propellerhead username and I will enable the download on your user pages, thanks

You will have to use spider to multiply the audio sources you want to upmix/spatialize because AmbSim is not a normal panning but a sort of 3D DBAP spatializer modified... the RE has six inputs and you have to send the same mono channel to all the six inputs.

I can send you some template sessions, if you want, but you will have to replace the RE in the Rack window and patch again all the cables... (screenshot in attachment)

Thanks in advance for your support,

All the best

I know nothing about your RE, but it would seem logical (if I'm understanding the basics of your RE) to suggest that you include a single mono input that does the 'spidering' internally for you (which is a super simple feature to implement). This would not only avoid confusion but clutter as well, and would simplify the setup process to boot. Best of luck with your new venture! :-)
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