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Files for Reason 4

Hello Reason Community!

I am having some trouble with reason. I am a new producer and have strong passion for dance music. I purchased Reason a few years ago and havent been able to perfect my drums...

I am seeking some rex files that are free for me to dl, from a safe dl source... and could use a lil hand holding to obtain them. I am looking for house music drum kicks and snares, some high hats...

Would anyone be willing to help me obtain some rex loops for house beats and individual drums sets...?

I have downloaded every free patch from the reason website and am unfortunately a very poor single student who's having financial troubles. It would be great to get some files the safe way to continue to express my self through music. I don't like begging but I am desperate to continue and have only come to this community for this. It would be awesome and I am greatful to be here. Can you folks help me get in the right direction?