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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
5ms ?? with USB really?

please can you check this with:
and post your result??

The Creative X-Fi Card is a Hifi-Soundcard for Games and Movies..
NOT a good DAW ASIO-Interface Card to make music...
In addition the driver from Creative are just scrap!

-Inside a PC you have a much better cooling than in a closed plastic coverings
-many USB-Interfaces does need a extra power supply

USB works well, no demand.
but PCI or Firewire is much more Pro-Audio gear.
USB is good for a trip, or for home recording..

all in all the production of an USB interface is more expensive.
maybe there is a need for a "good" power supply and a casing.
both a computer offers already

- isolation of the audio electronics from the stuff inside the computer

you are connectet via USB right to the mainboard.
there is no isolation. Also most major interference coming from outside.
mostly it's electric cable to be laid alongside audio cables.
or you have a bad video-graphic card. Graphics cards usually have very poor power supplies.

as I said,
I would always recommend a Firewire or PCI solution.
and if Firewire --> only RME
I see that tool doesnt yet accurately support windows 8.

Like you, I use ASIO4ALL. it reports 5ms.