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Originally Posted by dcstoica View Post
Hi folks,

For a long time I was thinking that one the most distinctive features of Reason, at least for a beginner, is the front/back rack switch using the TAB key.

I have explored/asked around on more general development forums/usenet groups if this UI behavior is a novelty from Propellerheads coming on the computer scene.

Unfortunately in the IT professionals/developers communities very few people ever heard of Reason. When asking, the classical response will be to jump to the usual English semantics of the common word 'reason'.

So I am coming to the source of 'trouble' :-)

Anyone around have some insights on this topic?

Having been around since the age of the Dinosaurs myself, I can attest - yes - Propellerhead were the first to incorporate such a design (as well as the virtual rack). Hitting "Tab" and seeing the back of the rack - cables and all - was their invention. Nothing else like it on the market at the time in any products that I know of.

In fact, I don't think there is anything out there like it now, is there?
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