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Originally Posted by gigidesign View Post
Thanks Selig,

Your advice makes sense but only because, as you say, you do not know the RE, Which is 3D. Taking the connections outside, you can use multiple instances of Ambient Simulator to make other setup of speakers in case of 3D installations or live electronics for example 8.0, 10.2 and so on. Or smaller configurations such as quad stereo-compatible or 6.1 with Lh and Rh. Moreover, in post-production often center and LFE are not spatialized but treated as discrete channels, in fact, it seemed more logical to leave the user the ability to be creative at the expense of a bit of hassle with links ...

However, my intention is to provide a range of combinators with links included.

Thanks again,

All the best

Not sure you understood me then, as you are the one suggesting using a Spider - I'm simply suggesting you build in that function so ALL options are provided. Adding a single jack on the back would make it easier to use this device as you have intended, IMO, unless I'm mis-understanding why you were saying to use a Spider in the first place.

You appear to be saying you don't agree with my idea, which is merely an extension of your idea - I'm having a difficult time understanding why. What am I missing here?

BTW, for a device to be "3D", you would need to address three axis: left/right, front/back, and top/bottom. Unless your device is addressing the top/bottom axis, it can't actually be called 3D, can it? Apologies if I'm being dense here and missing the obvious. :-)
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