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Originally Posted by horrific13 View Post
Hello all, ive recently been thinking of buying my younger brother FL studio for his PC. Then, as clever as i am, realized that Reason is cross now since i dont use Reason anymore, im deciding to pass it down to someone who will use it..(doubling as a free xmas gift). So my question is how would I restore this account so he will get basically a brand new box..well i have Reason and ReCycle box versions i wish to pass down..any input would be appreciated thanks!
He makes (or you can make for him) a PH account, and in your account, check the tick boxes for transferring licenses. Beyond that, I don't know as I've never actually done it all the way (I was just wanting to get rid of some "baggage" like Reason Adapted 3.0 and the Akai converter...)
Reason 6.5