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Yeah sidechain compression is definitely what you are after. Great technique to use. I'm sure you've already read up on it given you've found out what its called. The method you are referring to is using it to make portions of the mix 'pump' around the kick drum. Gives it a totally different energy. Another use of sidechain compression is to 'duck' signals competing for the same frequency in the mix such as sidechaining a sub bass to the kick drum so the kick still has a good punch. The sidechain just makes it so the sub bass 'ducks' out of the way for the kick. Another way i use it (im into breakbeat, DnB) is after layijng up and arranging some nice breaks, sidechain the layered breaks around the kick and snare, so the kick/snare have plenty of space to really crack and all of the breaks/percussion pump around those. Gives it a nice energy. Look forward to some other users chiming in. Good luck!