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Lightbulb Broadcast groove (again)

we love the basic idea of the re-groove mixer and the simple ability to make various parts groove together!

the big problem i am having is that i want the step sequencers (redrum, matrix) to obey the groove without dumping the patterns to track.

also there needs to be some modernization of the LFO paradigm to allow groove adherence, variable pulse width allowing the flex of the timing within the lfo wave shape while maintaining the intent of the sound shaping over time and frequency.

furthermore a groove adhering delay unit would be revolutionary, consider the following:

when we assign a delay its properties we have an offset value (time till repeat, and a feedback value, this tells how many times it repeats)

the problem arises when we want the delay, repeats to coincide with the timing of the groove it is playing along with at any given moment.

we propose this is done by launching a new discrete layer for each feedback and offsetting the sounds slightly by look ahead to groove timing expectations.

this concept seems to be within the world of possibilities with what is already going on in reason ... a new rack extension ?

please make the groove templates be something that is listenable in the API.