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Reason and GR-55

Hi all,
I'm a newbie to Reason and having a problem recording guitar through a Roland GR-55 guitar synth connected via USB to an Intel Mac running 10.7. In Reason I can see the input levels from the guitar synth, so I know the signal is getting in there fine. The issue is: To get Reason to see the guitar synth signal, I have to select the GR-55 as my audio device in the audio preferences. However, doing this sets the GR-55 as my audio output device as well, which I'd like not to do. I'd like to just sound to be output out of the built in output which is attached to speakers. The Active Input Channels and Active Output Channels both show 2 of 2 but the Channels buttons are greyed out. I can't imagine that there is no way to accomplish this. Please help.Thanks!

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