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Exclamation really important stuff!!

Here´s a couple of my suggestions/wishes for R7:


- submixer grouping
- the ability to link automation data to all "channels" of a submix group (faders in mixer)


- mp3 import+export
- drag&drop from anywhere to anywhere
(audiofile from desktop into sampler or from sampler into KONG, ReDrum ect.)
- waveform display in all samplers
(it´s where you drag&drop the samples plus it´s a great help if you quicksearch for a certain sampler-device in the rack)

REASON in general:

(i know it´s a biggie but it just cannot cut it in comparison to cubase or similar DAWs and since there are producers out there like myself, who fight a constant battle against productions coming out of cubase ect.....pleease focus more on modern electronic dance music styles and lift some of the weight off our shoulders by blessing us with the same power and broad fatness that all the others offer...cos it really hurts knowing that the other guy´s noob-track is liked so much more for its sound even though he doesn´t even have a quarter of your own skill - )

...btw...there is a musicgenre which I find reason to perform best in...and that is ambient/chillout - thanks to RV7000 for superdeep sound!!!

- AUTO SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It can´t be that hard to add this, can it!? This function is awfully useful and guess what??? Most of the other DAWs guessed right...offer it!

I actually have a notebook full of ideas and things but most of my suggestions have already been posted and I can´t think of the rest right now. So pleeaaase think about a couple of these and do what you´ve always done best: get out hearts pounding and our palms sweaty when releasing previews and teasers for the upcoming new version of reason!!

Have a nice day people,

Andy :-)