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Originally Posted by paulm0000 View Post
So the rack extenstions have been around for a few months now, I understand the format is no where near as mature as the VST Format ( All in good time), but i,m yet to invest in a RE synth, I,ve tried them all and not been overly impressed, currently I,ve only got a few RE's and they are more for pushing and shoving the Subtractor.Malstrom and Thor into sounds i like/want.

So far I,ve managed to get the sounds i want from the above synths...

Has anyone else not bothered or is it just me lol

(This isn,t a slagging of the synths or the devs some great work been done here)
I actually like them.

Korg Polysix while basic, reminds me of the subtractor but has a waay better unison feature. Its low point though is that I don't see a glide/portamento function for it and its presets aren't all that.

Predator is probably the biggest of the bunch. It does a whole lot and reminds me more of Thor (although it has way less filters, but makes up by doing other things like unison modes, lots of waveforms, adjustable oversampling). It has the best presets of the bunch. I think its GUI though is what turns most people off of it.

Antidote seems to be a monster for tranceleads and such. I think it is a unique synth even for a VST synth.

Viking is a decent moog emulation which sounds (to me) pretty convincing.

I think the biggest issue though is the SDK which seems to be preventing synths such as FM8, Omnisphere, and Reaktorlike stuff from getting in there. Once that is possible I think everyone would be able to be satisfied in the synth department.