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Originally Posted by jlgrimes View Post

(the combinator could use some upgrades to handle more knobs and buttons and maybe more GUI enhancements).

A few people have wondered what new devices Props might include in Reason 7. Given that PH themselves are producing RE effects and instruments too, including new effect/synth devices in Reason 7+ is arguably redundant to the point that including them might actually annoy more users/devs than it pleases. ("I just bought Predator now you're adding a new synth?! WTF?!"). I'd much rather see the Death List reduced than stacks of new devices in R7.

But that actually gives me hope we will see some kind of user-designable Combinator II as a native Reason device with advanced Panorama control.

As for more synths in the shop... well, ignoring sample-players, we had SubT, Malstrom and Thor before RE.

Now, again ignoring sample-based stuff, we have Antidote, Predator, ABL2, Viking and PolySix.

So, we've more than doubled the number of Reason synths available in just the last six months than we've had for past six years! Not suggesting we don't need more, of course . The SDK needs time to mature as well.
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