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Originally Posted by cyclic604b33 View Post
the benefit of 32 bit in the realm of audio clipping and mastering is important enough to consider
You probably have a valid point because Sonar allows you to export 64 bit double precision WAVs.

That said though, I doubt you will hear a difference between 24 bit or 32 bit.

Matter of fact true pure unalterred 24 bit audio isn't even achieveable because there are no analog components in 2012 that can get a noise levels low enough to acheive 144 db of dynamic range (If there are nobody built a DAC yet for this purpose).

Also consider even if you could have 144 db of dynamic range, you probably wouldn't like it because we start getting into the threshold of pain.

32 bit and 64 bit are more for summing and plug-in processing to reduce truncation errors and keeping ample headroom in large mixes.

I don't think any mastering engineer will get mad at you for sending them a 24 bit WAV file. They might get mad for you sending a 32 or 64 bit file because they even might not have the system to read it.

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