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make old modules disappear from right click menu via F8 tools windows V box

Now that I'm collection a huge pile of RE's I would like to have the option to hide modules I don't use when adding modules via right mouse click. Sure, via F8 all modules could be selectable but every time I'm looking for RE's via right click with a bunch of older modules taking 50% of the module menu list.

Maybe add a "selectable via right click" V box (on/off) in the F8 tools window ?

Since RE, I never use mclass stuff, kong, nn19, rv7000, 1/2 units, pulveriser, alligator etc. anymore. And when building fast it would be easier to only see modules I use often.

In this way we can select our daily toolkit during the coming years. I suspect my setup will change from year to year with newer/better modules to replace others when our computing power increases.

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