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Three spontaneuos things, the gap in the intro melody is a bit too interruptive. The kick at 0:30 isn´t on the spot + I´d turn that guitar in the middlepart louder as it´s too dominated by the strings.
Overall I´d put more dynamics/prominent accents into the whole thing emphasising the dramatic character. I know you did it already, though it could still be more in my ears, so you got that BAMM on the spot compared to quiet parts. Also the basic intensity of the sounds could be made stronger like you can hear the bow on the strings (compression/EQing?)

The Jurassic Park main theme shows it pretty good.

Really like the swell at the end. Just the finishing tone could be intensified by a final levelraise in the strings and kettledrum on the very last count. Altogether a fitting soundtrack I say, simply needing a bit more enhancement in my ears.

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