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Latency during play/recording!!!

How's everyone doing?

I am a pianist who is looking at recording my own songs using my Reason 5 software.

Okay, first I bought a Casio PX-130 Privia w/ USB cable to connect directly to my Windows XP computer. No sound would come out so I spoke to one of my computer whiz friends and he told me the Windows Desktop CPU I had was "ancient."

He provided me with a huge-memory Gateway CPU that is alot slimmer and faster than my Windows XP.

I plugged my Casio Privia into the Gateway and BINGO! I have connection between Reason 5 and my MIDI Controller (Casio Privia keyboard).

Now here's where the last problem lies....there is a latency issue where the sound comes in a little less than a second after I press the key of the piano.

Its not that noticeable until I use the piano pedal and play some fast songs (I play alot of fast songs) and the lag messes up my entire tempo...

Is there any way to change the settings on my Gateway or Reason 5 to fix this latency issue???

My computer whiz friend told me it might be the sound card, so he showed me a Creative Labs sound card that he said had plenty of sound quality power and that it may resolve this issue, but Im hoping to fix this problem without having to purchase more stuff!

Thanks for any help/suggestions!

P.S.- I am not that good when it comes to computer so please, no confusing tech terms for this ol' school noob!