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Edit->Preferences->Audio and decrease the buffer size.

Better yet, download and install ASIO4ALL (a kind of low-latency audio driver), then select it in Reason preferences.
I tried the buffer size thing before (sorry, forgot to mention it) but it just helped a bit.

I went to the ASIO4ALL website, tried installing it, but it only gives me the pdf instructions for it, but no desktop icon or ASIO4ALL program. Not sure if its because my system doesn't accept ASIO4ALL or something.

Now that I'm in front of my desktop computer I can tell you that its a

- Gateway SX2801-07e
-Windows Home Premium 64-bit
- Intel Pentium Processor E5700
-1TB hard drive
-6GB DDR3 Memory

Ive read in other places that the ASIO4ALL would work, but cant get it to install correctly....whats the problem?!

@ Enochlight- Thanks for the help and information! Like I said above though, I'm sure the ASIO4ALL will help but I cant get it to install on my computer. I tried both the ASIO4ALL website and