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Originally Posted by BonezMcCoy View Post
As for the SSL, if your R5 songs were made in Record, there is nothing to worry about, if they were made in Reason 5 standalone, I recommend visiting this site:

Rob talks about converting R4 projects to Record, but the same applies to converting old Reason files to R6 and above.
It is a very good read, one which I wasn't familiar with, however... I've been going over this procedure sometime ago myself (see my blog post) and I think Rob takes one very dangerous step in the process he described...

By moving all the mastering devices into the Master section you could end up with some very nasty side effects where the processing being done here can also affect further processing done in the SSL itself (for example when you're using the master compressor). That's something I ran into (see blog post) and it drove me nuts.

Eventually selig (user on these forums) spotted the cause of the problem within a few moments and pointed out the obvious problem. As such I'm a bit hesitant with that combination these days ;-)

Of course it doesn't have to cause problems, but its definitely something to keep in mind.
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