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Scottym's Interface Redesign Of [Unfiltered Audio's- G8 GATE] [RE]

Seeing's as there is still no Rack Extension forum and the graphic work I do tends to keeps getting moved here from the user forum, I'm posting this here.

This is a rework of Unfiltered Audio's rack extension G8 GATE. I had a feeling from comments from many users on the forums that the existing G8 interface wasn't really doing it for them with high contrast red text on a dark grey background.

In this design I have done some adjustments, colour wise, I've also added a little texture just to keep in with the Russian feel in which it's supposed to portray.

For clarity reasons within reason's rack the displays are of high contrast to make it clear for users to see the readings. Light blue is used to show the look of them being back lit which also gives the unit some life to it.

The dials are recessed in a circle rather just sitting on flat surface, and some gradients have been applied to smooth out the curves.

As with all my interface designs or existing redesigns, much thought and care is taken in the quality of what I create. This particular one as with many interfaces I do was produced in the early hours of 3am to 10 am.

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