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Originally Posted by VillaNDubstep View Post
I like the redesign here, looks very cool.
Colour and texture wise I think it is very much spot on, it's not screaming at me but it looks very easy to use and look at.
I actually prefer this one to the original, nothing against the original design by the devs but this suits my taste more and is closer to looking like a hardware model in my opinion.
Well done for this design I like it a lot.
Thanks, I'm happy you like it and prefer it. The colour I used is very much a Russian type of blue, it's well known to be used in their super jet aircraft like their flankers and other jets. I thought the texture would add that bit of realism. I don't generally use textures as prominent as this one, but I thought it worked well and went with it.

Originally Posted by JensenTNI View Post
While I don't understand what is the purpose of those public re-designs without any visible endorsement form the original developers, I think that is the first re-design I can in fact sympatize with. The original is indeed a bit too intrusive on the eye with all its dark and red contrasts.
My redesigns, are here for the original developers of these to take into consideration in the updates they do. I don't expect them to be exact copies but I would like them to look at them, and consider what I've created which will benefit both users and the RE developers. If I see something which can be improved / or developed in my eyes as an artist and I'm seeing users expressing these problems or wishes. I'll go out my own way and create it. Creating interface's and improving them is just one of the things I've been doing for many many years now. Want to know more see my personal blog below

Originally Posted by moofi View Post
why are the knobs and scales so dark? also the text is pretty shadowy, at least below the knobs
Knobs and scales are toned down, the added contrast between those are to give the sense of depth, it's the slight shadow that makes the markings a tad darker.

There is a slight gradient where you mention the text, just to round off the edge.

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