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Originally Posted by tomriv View Post
Thanks this is a very good point also.. Ive not got any RE EQ's and havent trialled any. Once I understand it better I will have to start trialling them but any recommendations / thoughts on which are good or which are best to avoid would be interesting to hear
The EQ RE's all have different uses IMO. If I were you I'd stick with the stock devices for now because you can get great results from them if you work it.

Overview of stock devices can be found HERE

Producer showing how he gets huge sounds from the MClass can be found HERE

You might want to trial the REQ-131. I wouldn't recommend it as a go-to EQ just yet but I think it can help understand frequencies more as you move those faders around. The REQ-131 can be trialed and bought HERE

If you want to break the Internet you can do that HERE