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Originally Posted by charlycharlzz View Post
dude what is that block you to make nice drums ?
I cannot read music but my drums are nice using reason , I was lost first because I could make crazy drums but I could not make them sound good but now I produce the best drums in Geneva for real so maybe I can help you out making them sound nice but I dont know what is your weakness so more info would help me to help you !
the x-mas refill will be free but I have no idears if it would work with older version yet so ???
do you know that website? it got nice free stuff on the right section !
TY for your response charlycharlzz.

To be honest I have many weakness with drums... Honestly, IDK how much effects is too much for one, for two, I dont even have a proper studio, Im using headphones. For three I think my hearing damage has a lil to do with it too.

What I want is to learn to be able to make hard hitting, deep bass kicks... and most of all, how to process them properly when they are grouped together, as in like a double triple or quadruple hit.

For example, my drums usually come from the reason sound bank, then I try to process it so it sounds like a drum kick fro mthe group Kronos Device, or Illektrolab.

This is likely a major issue being Im using real drum samples and wanting them to sound different. I was hoping there was a patch of drums that were natural and synth for free somewhere...

Originally Posted by zeebot View Post
There are loads and loads of professional rex loops for drums and percussion of loads of different genres right in the factory sound bank.

If you have also downloaded every rex loop you can get your hands on on this site also I'd suggest you look into your process of the way you use the sound and any effects/eq/compression you add to them

Yes ty for your input. I do need to learn... Cause everything else I do in life, keeps pushing me back to making music. So I have got to learn how to do this correctly. Would you have any good guides or tutorials on youtube you could point me to?

Originally Posted by reasoner498 View Post
Smart Loops has a bunch of frre drum samples you can download...

The Loop Loft has a demo refill...

Also, it will cost you a small amount, but you can check out Blanc Records...

TY for this tip! I will check it out when I have a job and the funds to pay out for the samples producers work hard to create

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