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I have learn one thing using reason it's that you got to learn mixing the volumes so for this you make your unit the way you whant then turn the line of this unit down and then mix it back into the mix using ssl mixer so it's ;
1) you make the sound the way you whant it to be sounding like in your unit (kong , thor , combinator or whatever.)
2) you mix it in the track adjusting the volumes in the lines
3) you mix it so it sound better using the side fx lanes in the ssl mixer

this way you can start by designing your sounds the way you whant then you play and adjust the volumes and then you mix the mixture to have it hard hit and clean .
if you use kong and join by links let's say a synth kick from kong synths and have it playing with a original SB kick and a tom at the same time you can play with the pitch of one of the sounds to have a lower filling then
adjusting the volume down because all 3 playing along is to loud and only then mix it in kong using themaster fx parts like compressors of kong . I was like you for a will and almost got depress for real but now I can make bomb arsh Drums that blow up blocks down the thing is that in reason we learn almost the way dudes did stuff in pro studios but in a computer so it's more hard first but one day you got your own sounds and techniques that none of the vst guys have
these guys got a good demo of more then 500mb full of drums
but I tryed to order it from a few shops and it's like they really suck because they did not respond to any demands of order , I could have get it by credit card but to late now they should have be more active then this I got another refill from another brand insted I lost too much time trying to get a few box in Swiss .

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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