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Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
Crikey! Looks like a scan made on a REALLY crap quality scanner from the 80's!! But I'm definitely feeling more knobs on the Combinator (fnar, fnar!). It's a frequent request to have 'Combinator 2' that's a bit more heavy duty for more advanced control tasks. I'd like to have the option to expand the Combinator to 8, 12 or even 16 knobs. But to be honest 8 would be a massive improvement to save having to squeeze essential controls into 4 knobs.
haha.. Yes! i love the 80s..
i was just too lazy to make the fake pic well.. (freeware) is my friend...

16 knobs would be great to create a really good interface for a good tweakable instrument. and we need much more source and destination opportunities. and more CV inputs