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Originally Posted by moneykube View Post
so... it comes with mac os 10.8 right?.... this worries me a bit... I've held off from buying because I've heard about some crashing issues with the os.... Perhaps apple will have a fix soon... I hope. OR.... maybe not an issue at all... Please let us know if you experience this.
I updated it to the latest OS (I believe 10.8.2). I installed Reason and Reaper which took a while.

Reason test:

1 demo song loaded up perfectly. Little jinder everything. Played with no issues.

2 downloaded Rack extensions. The download failed on some midway but I think this was more of an Internet problem and I did download a bunch of extensions.

Performance with Predator seems a bit better than my older i5 pc. Did hear a few pops with Antidote but nothing drastic.

I was concerned about crashing issue. I left Reason on overnight and when I woke up, it was still running. I had to log back in my computer though.

In a nutshell so far so good. With reason at least.