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My uncle is Father Christmas. I've no worries. (No, it's not a joke. My uncle's family name really is Christmas,)

The orphan you support......? Surely supporting an orphan is for longer than Christmas. Surely you've saved for presents before....
OH! I'VE GOT IT! You wait until the very last minute to do your shopping! You're the one who finds what they're after is sold out! You're the cheap-skate who buys from a 2nd hand store without checking if something works! Or, you simply don't buy anything because you went for a few drinks instead!

BTW, I'm a former-orphan. Where's my elfin pressie from last year, munchkin? (That is E L F I N not what you thought you read.) I'd like something that isn't broken as well, which would make a massive change from previous years.

There's one thing no one takes away from you when you're in a children's home. Work that one out over Christmas.

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