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Live choir performance rack

Instead of hiring the sound for this school concert we decided to do it in house. It is only Middle school so it is not a big deal at all (compared to the high school).

My questions:

For the piano, I see some ready made combinator patches for pianos... should I run the stereo mics in the grand through that? Or just name off suggestions of effects you would use on a piano, reverb, compression? stereo imaging? Even though it is live we still run it stereo and I have found the seperation quite nice, in fact it widens the piano and the choir is widened so it sounds more distributed in the sound feild or whatever.

Next, the solo mics. I know how to do that this part, just get one of those patches with the de esser and compressor and run them through some reverb at some point (our yamaha mixer has built in reverb or I could patch it through the interface again)

Last, the choir. Should I compress them at all? What are some sweet sounding reverb patches to use with choir? Using 2 414s to mic them.