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Originally Posted by rickblackdog View Post
Hi all, I came from protools and reason is now my primary DAW and I love it. One trick I miss however is to create a tone using some sort of tone and to sidechain a send to trigger open a compressor/gate. For example, I'd set up a low note and key a kick drum in to it to give it a bit more beef.

I know I can create a continuous tone if I draw the midi note, but it will only work if I draw it every bar, or through the whole song. Is there a way to set a device so it's making a noise continually?

Thx for the help

Yes, Thor is good for this but,

Unless I'm totally missing something…
This is exactly what synths are great at, and your Pro Tools setup is basically building a small synth. Trigger the synth with the kick notes (copy the notes to a new track, for example), and you'll have a FAR more capable and versatile system than you could ever build with a continuous tone and a gate IMO. :-)
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