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Originally Posted by sbader View Post
I agree. I respect Scottym's hard work and effort, but what about all of us who like the way it looks already. Changing it too much would make some of us upset, especially the ones who have already purchased it for what it is.

I will point out that I like the blue digital read out displays, but it does not fit in with the current G8 branding scheme. I don't find UA's G8 to be so harsh on the eyes, actually it's quite the contrary. I find the "grill" look, on yours, behind the knobs, quite distracting and unnecessary.

My bro is a professional graphic designer, and if you'd like I could have him look at your designs and I can let you know what his opinions are.

There is something to be said about contrast here. As well, a vintage look versus a modern look. My impression is G8 is supposed to look somewhat vintage. Scottym's design looks very modern, it reminds me of the dash controls in some of these newer cars. It's still good, but I get a better impression of what is going on in the original design from UA.

The revision Scottym mocked up is much better than the original he did (everything just seemed to blend together visually, which isn't good for work flow), but get rid of that "grill" look, too much is going on.

So I say this in the most encouraging way possible. Scotty your designs are quite interesting, but I do prefer the look of UA's design on this one.

On a separate note, I did like what you did with Predator. So please don't take my personal opinion to heart.

Edit: Was it you who did the alternate radical piano GUI? I really liked that one a lot.
Thanks, guys
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