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Originally Posted by scottym View Post
Not for those who are colour blind deficient.
Colour blind deficiency? Someone who does not have colour blindness?

It's either colour blindness or colour vision deficiency.

So, I'm colour blind deficient, and think the original is fine and your version is again just unnecessary and an underhand insult to the designer, who's lovely enough not to appear upset. But you really need to put the FilterForge down now. One or two things you do have perhaps had changes for the better (I actually do like the blue backlighting above), but mostly they don't. And it's clear you don't really have an understanding of the design process behind RE either. What's simple doing it as a Combi skin can be incredibly hard in RE.

Mock-up your own designs, like I used to do, fine. But please stop insulting other designers and ruining their hard work, work that took a lot longer than the seven hours it took you to do a bit of recolouring and applying a cheap FF texture.

As DB says, the one device that everyone agrees actually does look shit you haven't touched. You can't talk about improving other peoples designs and still have that hideous tranvazer thing showing in the same post.
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