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Originally Posted by JensenTNI View Post
yep... you got it right Funnily with Maelstrom I did it all the time, super easy, but trying to replicate that approach on Thor does not seem work. I have seen a YouTube video lately explaining that you need to do some routing in the programmer to do that (e.g. assign the filter or effect to the incoming audio signal) however the simple plug-n-play like approach with maelstrom did not work. I feel stupid about it because I specifically looked it up in the manual but somehow it completely eluded me, naarf...
I can relate!
I just go audio in and then, use the mod matrix to set the path to the "filter 3" inputs.
You can't go thru filter 1 or 2 IIRC. I can't at the moment remember how "early" in the path you can put it...
For ex. Routing to the delay inputs instead of the filter 3.

Hope that helps a bit....blind leading the blind I guess. haha
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