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Polar Tips (Guitars, Pads etc.)


Having recently aquired Polar I finally sat down with it and started playing above and beyond basic presets and combinators. I came up with a guitar patch that was really fun and atmospheric to play with. Here's the set up it's pretty basic >

Audio Track (Guitar In) > Line 6 amp to taste (in this case clean) > Spider Audio Splitter

> Line Mixer Ch1 (for clean signal)
> Line Mixer Ch2 (panned for width)
> Polar1 with shifter 1 detuned a few cent with some feedback > The Echo > Line Mixer Ch3

I added another Polar (with exaggerated settings compared to 1) to the breakout jacks of The Echo and set high dispersion for a nice wide pad sound.

Finally I adjusted the delay buffer of Polar1, gave it some LFO and set the master override of the delay buffer to the sustain pedal of my master keyboard. This creates some really nice textures: either let a chord ring out or stamp on that pedal and allow the delay buffer to hold and slightly mangle the sound and noodle over the top.

I'm just learning what Polar is capable of but so far I'm really impressed. Anyone else have ideas they'd like to share?