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Originally Posted by Ziyad View Post
GREAT....but NOW I have NO sound from my midi controller (Casio keyboard) when playing under the ASIO4ALL V2 sound preference on REASON audio...but when I put it to my M-AUDIO Fast Track, I do....

WTF! This is frustrating...
MIDI doesn't carry audio, so if you're just hooking up your Casio midi keyboard via MIDI to control Reason (which you would want to use as your sound source anyway), you should only get audio from Reason.

When you "put it to my M-Audio Fast Track"... are you running line outs from your Casio to your line-in on the Fast Track?

What is it exactly you're trying to accomplish - not too sure now.

Originally Posted by Ziyad View Post
IT WORKED! For some reason it JUST now showed up in the Audio Preference section of REASON....THANKS SO MUCH!
Weird - that was the same URL that I linked to. Perhaps you missed it?

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