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Well this is a let down for me to hear that.

Propellerheads , you know I Love you and I will continue to .but you guys have got to work on this sdk . It's been almost or has it been? 10 years since we have seen a sampler that's new . We need to see a sampler for 2013 . Not 1994 like we currently have . Lets just meditate on that comment for a min and then tell me what I am saying doesn't make sense.

I've been with you from the start but I am already. Fully using NI Kontakt because of the work flow . I would love to keep everything inside reason.

For me when I hear people saying we need more synths. it just makes me laugh. It's like a kid coming to you with a fist full of candy asking for more. We have sooo many options for synths it's crazy. You could in theory build the most magical never ending synth with almost every synthesis together as one giant monster . I unfortunately cant say the same for the samplers.

I'm begging you props pleeeeeease. I guess as it stands you are the only ones able to make this a reality.


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