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Originally Posted by sagana33 View Post
As of today, what are the best controllers to activate loops from Dr OctoRex?
Ok.. So I have a few controllers:
APC40 : Have never hooked up to Reason (just use for Live)
MPD24 : Works well, MPC style pads, nice controller. Comes with a Reason template programmed into the controller by default Good solid build quality.
Launchpad : Nice controller but I prefer the MPD24 over this for triggering slices in REX. Very flimsy and not great for jamming on.
MidiFighter : This is my favorite for REX. No setting up needed. Lightning fast response for triggering slices because of the arcade buttons. Big downside is no velocity, only sends on/off message to REX but I use this in a studio setting and edit my velocity level after recording. The MidiFighter is so much fun to jam on, but the clicking of the arcade buttons may bother you

To clarify I am guessing you mean triggering individual slices within a REX file using dr.octorex?
For this I personally would go with 1st : MidiFighter 2nd : MPD24. But this is just preference... both are great
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