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Looking at the screen grab above (I don't have reason available here), it looks like you need to review the whole envelope as rate 3 looks like it's set very high which will make that last a long time (perhaps even infinite at max value?). Envelopes in FM tend to be much longer than their subtractive counterparts. Not sure why this is, but typically setting an envelope rate to max will make it extremely slow. Basically what you are doing is setting the levels for each part of the envelope using the L values, and the speed it takes to reach those levels using the R values. So because you have a slow rate on R3 it's probably not even getting to the R4 stage. When programming these it's probably best to set all the rates to minimum and work them upwards starting with the first two values and then working towards the right. But do avoid just shoving them up to max straight off. The levels can be shoved up to max apart from the last one (which should normally be zero unless you want the sound to ring forever). For typical sounds you'll probably only need to use the first two level settings.