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Reason 6.5.2 Random crash!! lost my complete song!! WTF!!

so I was working on this track for like an hour. just had a good groove going & Reason fucking crashed on me!!! there wasn't even like a warning. Reason simply disappeared in front of my eyes. NO FUCKING WARNING WHATSOEVER!!!

it's definitely not my computer btw. I have a super fast and very stabile Mac that runs 10.8!

Just wanted to load a sample by pressing ALT + CMD + I & then Reason crashed! (my mac is totally fine, it didn't even logout or restart so it's DEFINITELY NOT MY MAC!!!)

there is also no fucking crash report! only one ''Recovered 13 december'' file that only contains 1 waveform I can't even play. my project contained at least 10 to 15 1 hit samples & 10 recorded wavs already!!!!

I've had this happen before but then I was lucky enough to save. now i didn't. but it's not about that. I simply can't trust this fucking software anymore because I don't know when it's going to fucking crash WITHOUT WARNING!!!! that's the worst part. WITHOUT FUCKING WARNING!!!!!


oh btw I have no RE plugins so that's not it either.

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