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I really like it! Good stuff.

As to your question, it doesn't really represent a single era of classical Western music, as it blends style elements from the Baroque, Classical, and the Romantic eras.

For example, it has a harpsichord in the beginning, which is a typical Baroque instrument, but it doesn't have it used as part of a Basso Continuo. It's really used like a piano, which is a Classical-era-and-beyond instrument. Also, there isn't a lot of counterpoint in the keyboard lines, which is a typically Baroque feature.

The tuned timpani you used wasn't added to a typical orchestra until the Romantic era. In Baroque music, timpani is rare, but when it does appear it is usually tuned to the tonic or rarely to the dominant. Cymbals weren't used the way you used them until the Romantic Era as well.

The oboe line in the beginning was beautiful. And quite Baroque.

So, all in all, I think it was a lovely piece that synthesizes a lot of our Western musical heritage. Thanks for posting!

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