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Originally Posted by pullpoti View Post
I wouldn't call it Baroque music. But it's a nice music for that film. Let's agree, that it's a children's music.
Thank you for the nice words.

Yes, we can all agree that it's definitely children's music. Although I'm glad I never saw some of those weird Vaudeville acts at any of the birthday parties I went to when I was a kid. Some of those would have scarred me emotionally for life, I do believe.

The musical was based on the book "A Little Princess". It's a birthday party for Sara, the main character.

Here are.the sappy lyrics, as sung by her little classmates:

Very special wishes
On this wonderful day
To a very special princess
With wonderful ways.

May your day be filled
With joy and love
And every kind of blessing
From Heaven above
May your heart be filled
With happiness true
Happy birthday dear Sara
Happy birthday to you!

Very special wishes
For a wonderful time
Filled with very special songs
And wonderful rhyme.

May your day be alive
With warm happy friends
May you laugh till you cry
May the smiles never end
Remember us always
And never be blue
Happy birthday dear Sara
Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear Sara
Happy birthday to you!