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Originally Posted by ShelLuser
A whole application which you need to register yet can demo is quite different than an extension which you can demo. Especially if said extensions aren't created by the main company, but only provided so to speak.

You can't trial RE without registering your software, so that means that RE are only available for trial to registered users.

On the other hand, you can download a 30-day trial of, let's say Ableton Live, register it 1 time, and use it. You can even then download demo versions of VST plug-ins, and use them in the Ableton Live demo version, all without purchasing anything.

This is available to anybody, without purchasing anything.

There are other apps that have extended trial or demo periods that have NO registration requirement.

Originally Posted by ShelLuser
Thing is; more transparency usually also brings in more options to by-pass any restrictions. Think about applications which provide a 30day trial. If they use the systems clock then people will simply turn that back, if they write a small key to keep track of time its bound to be found and abused too.
You presume that all trial software simply uses the system clock as the means verification, and that's just not true.

Furthermore, in another thread, people have mentioned that it's possible to use RE beyond the trial period with some workarounds.

The fact of the matter is that Propellerhead isn't doing anything world changing or revolutionary or something that nobody has ever thought of. There are plenty of alternative methods and means that are just as viable, and perhaps some case, more so, than the way Reason does it.