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monkatron , you would be surprise of how cool pc's are these days and the bunch of stuff you have inside for there prices if the choice on the product is well done ! but the 16 bits sound card on board are not so great but for exemple my asus costed me around 900 dollars 9 month ago and it got the latest i7 3770 and a 2go video card so I am happy plus asus make there own motherboards so it's safe in the way that they dont burn up like a acer could . a mac with the same speaks and maybe less good composents would have cost me 2500 dollars ! ouch
I am not a fan of Mac for many reasons but if I had a company that make cash using computers I would invest in both PC and Mac because mac are dead safe and stable the bad things with them is the upgrades and the prices but I admit they are very good in many points I just cannot pay what they ask for .

but yes we need a way to sample that audio stream and I 'm waiting a lot on it !

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Ahh the trials of running a PC. That's why I left that world behind for my main machine almost 10 years ago.
I have one around for vsti that are pc only but I just never dug the OS all that much.

While this comment is off topic . I can record anything into reason with my computer speaker. I use to do it on tour all the time.

Anyhow .... I'm still in shock developers are locked out from making samplers

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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