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Angry PX7 FM Synthesizer (5% AUTOMATION) WTF???

Am i the onlye one that love automations????

Many RE instrument do not allow automation because of CPU memories limit etc and i do respect that. But i sure hope that propellerheads take a hard look and make things happend.

I love to work with automations because im making that kind of music that have many changes in the sound. I whant to have 100% kontroll over my instrument.

I get frustrated about this issue! I was about to buy PX7 FM Synthesizer because i love that crazy possibility to change the sound but suddenly i relized that there is almoust NO possibility to make any automation. that mean that i only can configure what kind of instrument i whana use and then stuck with it. No possibility to change the sound!


Viking & Antidote seems to be the only few that allow 100% automation. Then again i do understand that there is pretty mutch going on behind the screen but i wont buy a instrument that not allow nearly any automation.

Or is this how it will be? Super instrument with no automation? It is almoust like going back to recorded wav instrument.. Grrrrrrr

"Excuse my bad spelling. hope you guys/girls undestand me anyway"

* Dont men to diss respect The instrument/fx maker but i think i have the right as a customer to be ANGRY when something fantastic amazing doesent work perfectly!