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Originally Posted by paulm0000 View Post
So the rack extenstions have been around for a few months now, I understand the format is no where near as mature as the VST Format ( All in good time), but i,m yet to invest in a RE synth, I,ve tried them all and not been overly impressed, currently I,ve only got a few RE's and they are more for pushing and shoving the Subtractor.Malstrom and Thor into sounds i like/want.

So far I,ve managed to get the sounds i want from the above synths...

Has anyone else not bothered or is it just me lol

(This isn,t a slagging of the synths or the devs some great work been done here)
I think if you're going to use Reason, you should be good enough working with Thor, Subtractor and Maelstrom to get a majority of the sounds that you want, without having to add various synths from Rack Extensions. Otherwise, you might as well just switch to Ableton, Logic, Cubase etc and Sylenth - where it is so easy to get massive sounding synths just by dialling in a few simple controls!

So personally it doesn't bother me if the Rack Extensions aren't mind-blowing, i try and get big sounds using what's already in Reason without the Rack Extensions - think this is how you have to approach reason if you're going to make seriously good music on it.